Double Sided Games Ready to Launch 2 Commodore VIC-20 Games – Pre-Order Now!

Double Sided Games, who successfully debuted with the Commodore 64 port of l’Abaaye Des Morts in January 2019, are currently in preparation to launch two new titles for the Commodore VIC-20.

The first of the two titles is Fire, a fun arcade game developed by Rainer Kappler. The game sees you control firemen with the objective of having to rescue people from the burning houses.

Fire is broken up into 3 different sections. The first, is the City Map, where you have to navigate your fire truck through the city maze in order to reach the burning building before it’s too late.

Move your fire truck through the city maze to get to the burning building

The second section, sees you hit the road in a top down view where your job is to avoid on coming traffic until you reach the fire.

Help the firemen get to the burning building by avoiding on coming traffic

The third and final section is a Game & Watch game style where you find people jumping from the burning building and you need to position your firemen right under the jumpers to ensure their safe landing.

Game & Watch style fun action, don’t let the jumpers hit the pavement

Once you have completed all three sections, you have successfully completed a level and ready to move on to the next day, where you repeat the same sections but with faster game play. The maximum speed is reached after 65 levels.

VITNO has had the opportunity to extensively to try out Fire and we found it a fun and addictive game that will certainly have you hooked as you try to complete as many days as you can.

Note that to play Fire, you will need a 3K memory expansion. The game is both PAL and NTSC compatible.

The second game on offer by Double Side Games is a complete opposite on the gaming spectrum. Realms of Quest V is an RPG with a vast depth of detail and game play. Created by Ghislain de Blois, Realms of Quest V will require a 32K memory expansion to play.

Realms of Quest V is set out in the time where the united races belonging to the Lands of Greater Rivaria are under threat by the ‘Resistance’, a large group of foul creatures wishing to bring down the current Sovereign Leader and the current way of life.

To defeat this strong evil foe, up to ten worthy adventurers (regardless of race, origin or creed) are called upon to the Royal Castle to gather the shards of the Tablet of Uther which, in its complete form, holds the power to unite all through out the land to stand strong and defeat the enemy.

Your party comes across a some unfriendly enemy, time to let them have it

Realms of Quest V features:

  • Over 350 multicolor graphical images that depict the monsters, characters and scenery portraits
  • 16 races, 16 classes, 2 genders and 3 alignments
  • A party can have up to 10 player characters, plus 10 summoned monsters.
  • An overland map that exceeds it’s predecessor by a factor of four!
  • 20 Cities and 20 villages
  • Persons that you can talk to and interact with
  • 20 mazes and dungeons to explore

The game is purported to contain 100 hours of game time, and having spent close to a week with the game, we can confirm this to be true. The game is massive! We spent almost an hour browsing through the Book of Beasts, a digital library containing pictures and statistics on all characters found within the game.

While you are given the option to create your own custom search party, we decided to use the Quick Start option, allowing you to begin playing straight away with an already created party.

Each character has a number of attributes including strength, IQ, wisdom, agility, health, charisma, hit points, age, alignment, experience and gender. Going through and reviewing these statistics for each member of your party really does give you a strong sense of level of detail and pure passion that has gone into to develop Realms of Quest V.

The Move mode where you navigate your team across the land

As you start to move your party across the game world, you will soon come across evil creatures that will need to be dealt with way or another. You can try the brute approach by having each member of your party try and give the enemy a good whack, but this will often result in your team members sustaining injuries and a quick reduction to their health points, as I found out real quick in my first couple of attempts at the game.

To make real progression through the game, your strategy will have to take into account the strengths and weaknesses of each party member before deciding whether they should attack, defend, or use one of the special combat options (such as seduce, condemn, subdue, turn).

The game world is littered with many dungeons for you to explore. Drawing a map of the dungeon is almost a necessity as it is quite easy to get lost within. While the dungeons are vastly populated by enemies, you will find that many are guarding valuable treasure. The dungeons are also the place where you will locate pieces of the Tablet of Uthar, so you avoiding them is not really an option.

The game comes with a world map printed on cloth

In between battles, you can rest your search party at the various inns to recuperate lost hit points and spell units. The inns vary in cost and quality of rest. The less expensive your stay, the longer you will have to rest.

There is really so much more on offer with Realms of Quest V. Hard-core RPG fans will love the game and be fully absorbed in the vast game world on offer. It really is amazing that so much has been crammed onto two double sided disks.

Both Fire and Realms of Quest V are set to be available on 1 July 2019 in both digital and physical disk format, with the later being presented within attractive cardboard box packaging and manual.

Fire comes with two bonus games while Realms of Quest V comes with a world map printed on cloth and a souvenir coin.

Fire: Pre-Order page
Realms of Quest V: Pre-order page

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