ThED – A TED chip replacement for Commodore 16 and Plus/4 is in development

I remember when I acquired my Plus/4 I had to pay a good price for a TED chip so this is huge for the C16 and Plus/4 owners!


“This time it is not a story but rather a piece of news. Willy/Lamers and me, we are working on a TED replacement project. As we all know, TED is very often fried in all those precious C16s, C116s or Plus/4s and there is no replacement. We aim to change it so we’ve started ThED project.

We already have a working PoC but we still have a lot to do to get it fully working. We will show our PoC at SillyVenture party which happen to start tomorrow – 6th of Dec 2019.

I will be writing updates on and on FaceBook fan page so if you are interested in this project, then make sure you are subscribed and follow us on FB 

ThED will be available through the webshop.”

If you are not there yet, I suggest you join the Commodore 16/Plus4 group on Facebook to get the latest updates.


Author: Paulo Garcia

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