MSX game The 4 Masters of Melody gets boxed cartridge version

The 4 Masters of Melody, the first game created by the Clube MSX magazine, is getting a well-deserved cartridge release. The launch will happen on December 7 and 8, at the MSX SP 2019, an event for MSX enthusiasts in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The boxed version of the game brings small graphic enhancements, a printed manual (Portuguese and English) all packaged in a beautiful 16cmx20cm box, resembling the old school MSX releases back in the 80s.

Manual in English/Portuguese

Each copy will be available for R$ 120,00 (around USD 28) plus shipping. The 4 Masters of Melody will have an initial run of 30 copies, all numbered (perfect for the collectors out there!). After the release during the MSX SP 2019 event, the game will be available at the Clube MSX website ( For international orders, please write to to order (the payments will be processed via Paypal). 

The game

In The 4 Masters of Melody, you play Mirkell, a talented bard who is lost in the legendary and scary Melody Forest. Only by luck, four entities known as the 4 Masters of Melody find you. The vast, powerful ghost-looking guardians decide to help Mirkell to leave the forest, but with one condition: he has to repeat the twenty melodies that they will play, proving that you are a brave and brilliant minstrel. If Mirkell fails, however, the masters will discharge all their fury on him!

The 4 Masters of Melody is a game for the MSX1 that works similarly to the game Simon, but in a fantasy setting. The objective is to match the sequence of musical notes played by the four masters. If you get a single note wrong, it is game over! 

Developed by Mario Cavalcanti, the Clube MSX editor, the game runs in any MSX with at least 16Kb of RAM.

For more information, follow the link below.

Link: Clube MSX
Link: 2019 MSX SP

Author: Paulo Garcia

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