Vega (C64) – PETSCII style shooter physical release on pre-order now

Protovision is pleased to announced that pre-orders are now open for the limited edition release of Vega for the Commodore 64.

Vega is a horizontal shooter that has its origins in a popular 2017 scene demo. Utilising the original impressive PETSCII style graphics, Atwoods Studios brings the demo into a full gaming experience.

The great looking Limited Edition collectors box contains:

  • the game on cartridge
  • a small glossy handbook
  • a tiny custom made space ship
  • and, of course, the original demo disk with the demo Vega/Delysid

Preorder now! Protovision has stated that they only intend to run an initial batch of 100 copies of this game in cartridge format so you better head on over to the Protovision shop to secure a copy.

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