Petmate – C64 PETSCII editor is updated to version 0.8.3


Petmate is an open-source cross-platform C64 PETSCII image editor created by Janne Hellsten (@nurpax) in 2018. Since it is developed using Electron, a framework that allows you to deploy a web application, Petmate is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The current version is 0.8.3 is very usable and full of nice features:

  • Commodore 64 standard character mode graphics with the upper/lower case system ROM character sets and custom .64c charsets.
  • Drawing operations: draw a character, colourize a character, select a brush, draw with a brush
  • Undo/redo stack
  • Multiple screens (each with their own undo stack)
  • Save/load workspace as a .petmate file (.petmate is the native file format for this editor)
  • Export and import other common PETSCII file formats:
    • Bitmap .png (import, export)
    • PETSCII .c format (import, export)
    • Executable .prg (export)
    • Assembler .asm (export for KickAssembler, 64tass, ACME and CBM prg Studio)
    • Dir art .d64 (import)

Since version 0.7.0. Petmate can also help you to create DIR Art!

The application is hosted on Github, where you can find the source code and plenty of information on how to use it.

Link: Petmate

Author: Paulo Garcia

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