Thomas Cherryhomes teases #FujiNet for the Commodore 64

For those outside the Atari XL/XE World to understand, #FujiNet is a modern peripheral for Atari 8 Bit computers. Conceived as a network adapter, the device quickly expanded its capabilities to become an SIO peripheral emulator. With it, you can access BBSes, retrieve Atari disk images from remote servers, create and/or play network-enabled games, store disk, cassette or cartridge images in its built-in SD Card and its development is still very active, which means more devices will be supported in the future.

Since we live in modern times when tolerance and mutual respect are a must, Thomas Cherryhomes, one of the responsible for bringing #FujiNet to life, tweeted that the work to bring #FujiNet to the Commodore 64 has started.

The #FujiNet for the C64 will let the Commodore machine connect to the Internet. If the features that exist in the Atari version are replicated on the C64, it will also be able to act as an SD2IEC device, among other things – That’s is my personal wild guess!

At this point, we don’t have much more than the short tweet, but thinking that we can have Commodore and Atari computers talking to each other, and maybe playing an online game together just warms my heart. For some reason, I had to listen to “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” by War after writing this…

What is next, ZX Spectrums!?

Author: Paulo Garcia

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