Time Wizard Atari XL/XE

Robots from the future are trying to change history to rule the world.
The only salvation for humanity is you, Time Wizard. You must go to the future, to the world of robots, to prevent a disaster. Your task is to collect all the energy stored in the hourglasses so that the robots cannot go back in time. The mission is difficult, but your advantage is the ability to manipulate time. You can stop it, go back or fast forward. However, be vigilant! Some objects are immune to time manipulation and you cannot control them.

Minimum requirements:
Atari 8-bit computer or emulator with at least 128kB RAM.
The additional RAM is used to save and play the game history.
A joystick or other controller plugged into port 1.
It is recommended to unlock the diskette to save the results and information about active levels.
Download: Coming Soon!
Source: atarionline.pl

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