Mad House, MSX

The aim of the game is the simplest but fun at the same time, where we play the role of a strange thief, intent on plundering a crazy house (hence the name Mad House) with features more similar to a museum, where inside there are treasures, jewels and above all whole bags of gold tokens belonging to an ancient dynasty Egyptian from which we descend, our true goal; we will therefore have to sneak into the house trying to collect the bags of gold tokens one by one and load them on a van waiting for us at the back of the house.

The undertaking will certainly not be easy, where in addition to the guardian, other strange beings such as mice, cats and guard dogs, which seem to have come directly from a fairy tale, they will try in every way to hinder our path.

We need to use our skills to take advantage of the stairways, try to work out the ideal path up and down and find the correct floor where the loot is hidden.

The game seems simple but the pitfalls are always sudden, since there are guardians of the houses to be found, five in all, each have their own logic of pursuit with the risk of being easily trapped. The game speed is sufficient to ensure high playability and therefore an excellent level of fun.
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