Unofficial CD32 Ports Updates

Earok (Erik Hogan) over at Unofficial CD32 Ports has updated his lovely website with two new CD32 releases.

Solomon’s Key 1 & 2
solomon front! copyA twin pack of both of the games in the “Solomon’s Key” series. What makes it different is neither of these games have ever received a commercial Amiga release, Solomon’s Key 1 is the Atari ST version unofficially hacked to work on on Amiga, whereas Solomon’s Key 2 is an unofficial ground up rewrite of the NES exclusive.

Download: Solomons Key 1&2

CD32 Compilation Volume 2
amiga_cd32_games_compilation2The second in the series of Scorpion’s CD32 compilations. Just like the last one, this is an eclectic, pan-genre mix of eleven officially released CD32 games, this time including:

  • Alien Breed: Tower Assault
  • Deep Core
  • Fields of Glory
  • Fire Force
  • Frontier: Elite 2
  • Global Effect
  • IK+
  • Mean Arenas
  • Morph
  • Quik The Thunder Rabbit
  • Zool


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