Rabid Mower! Cutting Grass, Never had so much Fun!

RabidMowerGrass! .. Never had so much fun, Grass! .. Never had so much fun!

Ever felt like cutting the grass for fun? Nope me neither! However this is definitely more entertaining than physically cutting real grass.

The Game
All you have to do is to mow lawns, precisely and accurately. The game consists of two stages, first stage – a simple “fact-finding”, the second stage, a complex “crazy”. Using keys Z and M, you have to cut the area of grass in the centre, while avoiding the bushes around the sides.
If you make any contact with the bushes, the screen flashes red and you may lose the game. Providing you are good at this, once you have mowed your lawn, you move on to the next level.
I never thought that I would enjoy such a simple yet addictive game, it has a certain charm and the awesome music really sucks you in. I was playing this for a good 15 minutes before I realised I should be grabbing some screens for this post! Great little game, download it from the link below!

Download: Rabid Mower.zip
WOS Forum Thread: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/forums/

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