The Great Escape – Atari 8-bit Port!

atari000mariuszw on AtariAge forum has ported over Ocean’s ‘The Great Escape‘ to the 8bit Atari!
The Great Escape was originally released back in the 80’s on the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and also DOS. The perspective is an isometric view, much like Batman and Head over Heels on the ZX Spectrum.

The player controls an unnamed prisoner of war who has been interned in a P.O.W. camp somewhere in northern Germany in 1942. The camp itself is a small castle on a promontory surrounded on three sides by cliffs and the cold North Sea. The only “official” entry to the camp is by a narrow road through the gatehouse and anyone passing through this must be carrying the correct papers. Everywhere else the camp is surrounded by fences or walls with guard dogs used to patrol the perimeter and guards in observation towers with searchlights posted to watch for any prisoners trying to escape. Beneath the camp there is also a maze of underground tunnels and drains although these are dangerous to enter without some kind of light. The player’s task is to escape from the camp. There are a number of different ways in which this can be achieved.
The gaming environment is displayed in isometric 2.5D with the player’s character initially in bed at the beginning of a day in the camp. The prisoner has a daily routine, along with all the other prisoners, which includes roll call, exercising, mealtimes and bedtime. The other prisoners will follow this routine and, if the player does not control the main character for a short period of time, their character will join in the routine. There are soldiers guarding the camp and they will attack the player if he is seen out of routine (prison guards only detect prisoners in their line of sight).

You can read more about mariuszw’s Atari port from the official thread on the AtariAge forum, check out the links below, have fun guys! :)

Download: ge.obx
AtariAge Forum Thread:

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