Computer History Museum releases Amiga Deluxe Paint Source Code

The Computer History Museum has been releasing several historical software source code for the past years, like the Apple II DOS, Word for Windows v1.1 and so on. Right on time for the Amiga 30th anniversary, the museum has gotten authorization from Electronic Arts to release the source code of its drawing program for the Amiga – Deluxe Paint.

Created by Dan Silva originally to serve as graphic editor to be used on EA games development, DeluxePaint was so good that they saw the opportunity and released it as a commercial product in 1985.

It was a hit. A review in the April 1986 issue of “Compute!” magazine [4] called DeluxePaint “a visual arts program of immense scope and flexibility… Virtually anything that anyone ever wanted in a personal computer graphics program is included in DeluxePaint — and it’s all easy to use and easy to learn.”

The source code is freely available, but only for non-commercial use. So if you were planning to release a Deluxe Paint 2015 for profit, forget that!

I took a quick look at the source-code and there are no build system or instructions how to build it. It would be great if someone steps up and try to build the software, and share the way to do it.

Link: Computer History Museum

Author: Paulo Garcia

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