'Demons of Dex – Eino's Quest' – New VIC-20 Game with source-code!


“You are Eino, a member of the druids. Your master, the arch druid has become old and it is time for somebody to replace him. As a young initiate you are sent to dungeon Dex, a mysterious labyrinth home to vile creatures. You must enter the dungeon alone and defeat three demon lords within. Only then can you achieve enlightenment and ascend to become the next arch druid.”

With this nice intro, the author presents this new game for the unexpanded VIC-20.


  • 15 randomly generated levels
  • 10 kinds of monsters
  • 5 kinds of usable items including a magical artifact
  • themed levels
  • scoring
  • music and sound effects (music by Mikko Kallinen)
  • written in highly optimized assembly code

You can even play the game directly in your browser, if you don’t have an emulator at hand.

Another threat from the author is that the game has its source-code available on Github. A great opportunity for the developers-to-be out there.

Link: VIC-20 Denial Forum Thread
Source Code: Github
Play on-line: DEX

Author: Paulo Garcia

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