MSX Game Development Competition 2015 is On!


The new edition of MSXdev, the most important MSX1 development contest in recent years, has been announced.

As games are announced, their entries will be created in MSXBlog where you will find all available information as their authors add comments and notes. Also, of course, as they become available for download, you can do it.

If you are considering to participate, these are the important dates:

  • 20/03/2016 : Game submission deadline
  • 30/04/2016 : Final deadline for fixed versions of previously submitted entries
  • 01/05/2016 : MSXdev’15 game poll started
  • 30/05/2016 : MSXdev’15 game poll closed and results announced

That means that the contestants have more than 5 months to come up with a great game for the MSX, and try to snatch the prize!

For all the rules and more information, follow the link below:

Link: MSXBlog

Author: Paulo Garcia

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