Apple II 'Crisis Mountain' author David Schroeder Articles on Gamasutra


David Schroeder himself has announced on Apple II Enthusiasts Facebook group that his third article has been published on Gamasutra blogs. Although we failed to announce the first two articles…”better late than never”, right?

In 1981, David Schroeder taught himself 6502 assembly language and wrote several best-selling home computer games, including CRISIS MOUNTAINand DINO EGGS.

On his third article, entitled “What Did ‘Better’ Mean?”, he confess that “In writing my first game Crisis Mountain, I felt like I was creating a straight-forward variation on Donkey Kong.”, so he wanted to do better. The history tells us that he came up with Dino Eggs, but reading the article you will learn his motivation and how he achieved his objectives.

You should also read his first two articles, “Everything I Learned About Computer Games I Didn’t Learn at Yale“, and “No Such Thing as a Random Number“.

Link: Gamasutra Blogs

Author: Paulo Garcia

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