Sploot! Time to do some pooping VR Style!

BannerA game built specifically for VR (but also playable without it), you experience the life of a Seagull that poops constantly and craves bread.

Fly around a charming seaside town, raining fecal chaos on the innocent citizens below. Poop on as many people, cars and buildings as possible. Fill your insatiable lust for bread, and seek out the most valuable golden targets. Be careful, you’re very fragile!

  • Step into the webbed feet of a seagull with explosive diarrhea.
  • Rain poop on the unsuspecting citizens of a charming island town.
  • Satisfy your insatiable lust for bread.
  • Built from the ground up for VR.
  • Also playable with a conventional monitor, mouse + keyboard.


  • Oculus Controls: You’ll turn in the direction you’re looking. To use buttons, look at them and press any key.
  • Mouse + Keyboard Controls: The mouse will directly steer you.
  • Diving builds speed, climbing lets you air brake.
  • You poop uncontrollably, just focus on flying!
  • Pressing Esc will bring up a pause menu. From here you can recalibrate your Oculus if you start drifting in one direction. Look straight ahead during calibration.

By default, Sploot has Time Warp enabled with the Oculus Rift. Time Warp can reduce visible lag on the Oculus, reducing motion sickness. However, it can cause some graphical jittering. If you find the jitter annoying, you can disable Time Warp in the Settings menu
If you’re having performance issues, consider changing the shadow modes in the Settings menu. Baked shadows can noticeably increase load times, but will still look good and have solid performance. No shadows should provide the best performance and very fast load times. By default the game uses real-time shadows, but these can be very expensive to render.

[youtube BBp69YzU42U nolink]

Download: http://edgeofprophecy.itch.io
Twitter: @EdgeOfProphecy
Website: http://edgeofprophecy.itch.io

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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