Treasure Hunter Man 2 – Free Retro Platformer!

XeKSrKTeenage sons are already a headache, but if they run away to hunt for treasure, that’s where many a mum might be a bit out of her element.

Not Dorothy, however! With a magical compass in hand, Dorothy tracks down her son’s whereabouts to a deserted island. There’ll be no more missed dinners or cursed treasures in THIS household!

In the end, there’s only one TRUE treasure for Dorothy.

Treasure Hunter Man 2 is an exploratory platformer or metroidvania. Dorothy grows stronger and gains new ability as she explores a deserted and seemingly cursed island.

Key configurations are configurable in the options. The standard setup is Arrow keys and A/S/D. Gamepads are supported. Hit Alt+Enter for fullscreen mode.

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2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunter Man 2 – Free Retro Platformer!

  1. Can anyone help? I can’t figure out where the double jump and boomerang are? I’m stuck at windmill and skyview needing to double jump or use boomerang to hit a button and get to doors.

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