Popeye – Amazing port for the Commodore VIC-20


A while ago we published an article about a port for the Atari 8-bit of the game Popeye. Now it is time for our beloved VIC-20 to get its version.

Developed by Beamrider, the game is very close to the original arcade, taking in consideration all the graphics differences, of course. The music and the sound effects are very well done, as the game play as well.

I’ve found Bluto A.I. not very smart, though. There were times that I could stay in the top platform catching all hearts while he would stay on one of the lower platforms. Nothing that would hurt the fun, I can ensure you.


To play it on Vice you need to start the VIC-20 with 32Kb of memory. On Mac OS X this can be achieved with the following command line:

/Applications/Vice/xvic.app/Contents/MacOS/xvic -memory 1,2,3,5 ~/Desktop/Popeye2015.prg

Probably on Windows, if there is no UI to change the settings, the command line will be similar.

Overall, a great release for the VIC-20 with 32Kb of RAM.

Download: Popeye2015.prg

Author: Paulo Garcia

3 thoughts on “Popeye – Amazing port for the Commodore VIC-20

    1. You’re welcome. I was planning to play 5 minutes in order to write the article, but I ended up playing it for almost one hour straight :) – Really good game

      1. I’ve always liked the game Popeye. The C64 version is pretty good too. As for your 5 minutes of gameplay turning into an hour, that’s probably because the Bluto A.I. you mentioned ;) or the real reason is the game is a good port, especially on the VIC-20.

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