2015 Commodore 64 Sideways SEUCK Compo has a winner!

pan_splashThe 2015 Sideways SEUCK compo came to an end. Although counting only with three contestants, the competition was fierce due to the high quality of all three games.

With 79 votes the winner is PAN!, followed by U-91306 Eidothea with 76 votes. The third place, grabbing 72 votes, was Edge of Time.

I shot three short videos of the gameplay of all three games:

[youtube xyRNREb3cls nolink]

[youtube V4X2yw0-b5M nolink]

[youtube gyvlHK71Cq8 nolink]

In my personal opinion, Edge of Time is better than U-91306 because of the dual-screen concept and graphics. PAN! is clearly the rightful winner for its interesting cartoony graphics and arcade style. Nonetheless all three games present great quality making the Commodore 64 enthusiasts the real winners here!

Link: TND


Author: Paulo Garcia

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