near-death experience

When 2015 was coming to an end, somewhere in the MSX Resource Center headquarters the whole website saw its whole life flashes before its eyes when the server two hard disks decided to crash at the same time. We all, retro computing enthusiasts were breathless with the possibility of losing invaluable content related to MSX.

The most important MSX site stayed offline for more than 3 days straight, but after a lot of work it came back online with new hardware, new web server and database software. The site administrators also managed to reduce the size of the images hosted on the site with a minimum loss of quality which will help to save disk space and speed up the pages loading time.

Based on the explanation posted on, the site doesn’t rely on a third-party provider, which always makes me shiver with the risk that is involved with that practice. Thankfully the people at MSX Resource Center know what they are doing and everything is good as new.


Author: Paulo Garcia

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