The Forgotten World of BBS Door Games

clansBefore browser-based games, before the Internet, there was darkness….oops, I mean BBS Door games. PCMag has published today a featured article talking about this way people used to play games online at the time online meant BBS (Bulletin Board Systems).

“Once connected to these mostly hobby-run services, users could bring up a list of games to play. These early online games became known as “door games” because once a user was connected to a BBS, the games were accessed and played through a figurative “doorway” between the BBS software and the separate, independently running game program.”

The article also mentions Cave BBS, but I can also recommend Particle BBS, which runs on a real Commodore 128!

As usual, PCMag articles have a companion Slideshow, and this one is worth to go through for the amazing ASCII-art alone. Check the full article following the link below.

Link: PCMag
Link: Particle BBS

Author: Paulo Garcia

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