'Archon' for C64 gets browser-based version with online multiplayer support

Archon_AnimationArchon – The Light and the Dark was ported to your browser, where you can play the game alone or using the new online multiplayer feature. The game looks exactly like the Commodore version, and it also plays the same.

If you don’t lnow or remember the game, C64-Wiki has a good description: Archon – The Light and the Dark looks like a chess game with nine to nine fields and fantasy figures, which carry the names of mythical creatures. The aim of the game is to completely destroy the enemy or to occupy all force fields. In difference to a chess game not only brains are important but also skill. Antagonistic figures cannot be beaten, only challenged for a duel, which is carried out on a seperate field. Both parties do not have the same characters, but throughout different ones, whereas the fighting strength is approximately balanced. The fighting strength of the figures is not constant. It is lower after a fight with many hits and on fields of the opposing colour. The game area contains three different types of fields; the third type changes the colour after every round. On these fields the dark party gets stronger, when the fields are coloured dark and vice versa.

Link: Archon Web

Author: Paulo Garcia

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