Excellent Shoot’em Up game for the MSX available for free

SHMUP! Kai was released two years ago by Imanok, one of the most talented MSX developers out there. Now, he decided to make the game available for free.

If you look at the gameplay video below, you can see that SHMUP! Kai is a game at the same level as Zeta Wing for the Commodore 64 or many commercial games released back in the day.

In SHMUP! Kai you control not one but two ships simultaneously. You can change the formation depending on the situation the fighters are in. Besides destroying the waves of enemies coming your way, you can also collect Fusion capsules. If you get enough of them, the two ships will merge into the powerful “G-Lasher”, which will make your life easier to get through the enemy’s formations.

The game is tough and delivers top-notch graphics and music that keeps you “in the mood” all the time. Created for the MSX1 with 16kb, SHMUP! Kai will display enhanced graphics if you play on an MSX2 or higher.

Even if you are not an MSX enthusiast but still love a good shoot’em up, you should check this game. You can simply follow the link to the WebMSX emulator, and the game will load automatically and run smoothly directly on your browser!

You can download the game for free by following the link below.

Link: Imanok
Source: MSX Resource Centre

Author: Paulo Garcia

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