Atari 400 Video Review


Ok, it is not like you are going to use video reviews as a tool to decide what retro computer you should buy. It is all based on nostalgia and curiosity. However, video reviews are a good way to know better about a retro computer that maybe you never had access or even didn’t know it existed at all.

The Atari 400 is, along the 800, the first Atari 8-bit computer ever released, and it is one of the most beautiful from that era, in my opinion. Its design reflects so accurately the trend from early 70s and that makes it so good-looking. The keyboard is at the same time, the best and the worst – best to see, worst to type!

On the YouTube channel Kari Alexander Games, it is now available a 10-minute video reviewing the 400 and showing some of its games. It gives a nice overview of the machine and it is perfect for you that couldn’t have one, or maybe no nothing about it.

[youtube sz96Hphj5CA nolink]

Link: YouTube

Author: Paulo Garcia

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