ZX Spectrum game dev compo closed for new submissions. Time to play and vote!


ZX Dev’15 has finished its first phase where then game entries are submitted. The compo has received 15 games that you can now download, play and vote!

With that many games, we can say the compo response was more than excellent and now to be completely successful, it needs your help to choose the best games. 

The entries are:

  • Complica DX
  • Pixel Quest
  • Knightmare 2 ZX
  • Rabbit in Nightmareland
  • Jumpcollision
  • P-Noid
  • Descending Dungeons
  • The Order of Mazes
  • Chrimblast
  • Castaway
  • Fist-Ro Fighter
  • Steel Ball
  • Cuboid Captor
  • Pengo Quest

The list of the games with the correspondent link was also posted on the compo forum, place where you can also follow the compo, discuss and vote.

Link: Download List

Author: Paulo Garcia

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