(The Last) Ninja Musicology Kickstarter campaign is back


We were very happy when we first announced The Last NInja musicology, and then we were sorrowful to learn the campaign was suspended due to legal issues. Like is full of ups and downs, and gladly we are now reaching the “up” portion of it since the campaign is back on track, now called simply Ninja Musicology.

After solving all legal issues, which means to remove all The Last Ninja intellectual property association from the project, the campaign is again at full throttle and in need of your support.

As of today, the many supporters were only able to raise about half of the £25,000 target and the campaign has only eight days until its deadline. Unless there is a new wave of backers, it will be really hard to get there.

The project aims to create a triple tribute album with rock/metal covers of themes from The Last Ninja™ game series, a live concert and concert Blu-Ray. If you are interested, your should check all the campaign material. I am a big heavy metal fan and the songs presented so far are awesome.

Even if the current campaign doesn’t succeed, I hope the team behind the project will come back, maybe with a smaller target only for the albums (hint hint hint).

In any case, there is still plenty of time to back the current campaign. Remember that, by Kickstarter rules, if the campaign doesn’t reach the target, the group gets nothing, and you won’t be charged. With that in mind, it is pretty safe to back the project even if it is a bit behind.

Link: Kickstarter

Author: Paulo Garcia

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