Canada commemorative $10 bill website hides “Konami Code” easter egg

This year, Canada is celebrating 150 years and releasing a commemorative $10 bill is part of the activities planned for this year. And this is vintage/retro how? You might be asking…

The retro-gaming bit is that the Bank of Canada website showing off a beautiful 360 degrees rendered bill (which you can flip around) hides an easter egg that can be only activated using a very familiar retro-gaming key combination – The “Konami Code“, which was first used in Contra, NES Game from 1986!

The Konami Code!

Spoiler alert! When you use the Konami Code, $10 bills will start to fall and the Canadian Anthem will play, in the best 8-bit style!

You can try yourself, accessing the Bank of Canada link below.

Link: Bank of Canada
Source: Engadget

Author: Paulo Garcia

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