Manic Miner remake in the works for the ZX Spectrum!

We first reported on the ZX-Dev-MIA-Remakes competition back at the beginning of June, and things are certain starting to hot up as our friends at Planeta Sinclair have been keeping a watchful eye on the various entries submitted so far.

The objective of the competition is for budding coders to remake a classic Spectrum game of their choice that was available during the 80’s and 90’s, and what could be more fitting than a remake of Manic Miner, one of the most iconic games to ever grace the humble Speccy!

There’s no doubt that Matthew Smith’s game caused a real stir when it was released back in 1983, so it will be interesting to see how Cristian M. Gonzalez, author of this new remake, will improve on the original game’s winning formula.

Development is still in the very early stages, but what we do know is that the remake will make use of AY sound, and the visuals should also receive an upgrade thanks to the use of Einar Saukas’ Nirvana Engine, which brings a richer colour palette to titles created with the software.

The competition is set to run until March 2019 and we’ll be sure to update with further developments and they emerge!

Source: Planeta Sinclair


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