Miloman Music Project announces new SID-themed music album!

Here at ViTNO, we’re all huge fans of the Commodore 64’s SID sound chip, so it’s always exciting to learn about new music projects making use of it’s distinct sound.

This time it’s the work of Milosz Chrapek under the guise of Miloman Music Project, as he intends to release an album of electronic music that fuses retro, chip-tune melodies with modern synthesizers and contemporary beats. Milosz takes care to point out that he does not have access to studio-grade equipment to aid the production, which makes the selection of tracks uploaded to the project’s YouTube channel seem all the more impressive.

There appears to be very little information regarding this act online, and even the channel where the first track previews were uploaded was only created at the beginning of June 2018, but if SID and Beat is representative of the final product, then fans of electronic music have something to look forward to!


Author: Alec
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