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Here at ViTNO, not only are we always excited to learn about the latest developments in the retro computing scene, but we think it’s important to highlight the contributions that so many people out there make to keeping so many of our favourite machines alive.

Gregory Nacu, author and maintainer of, is certainly no stranger when it comes to the venerable Commodore’s 8-bit series of computers.

Starting with a broken VIC-20 and progressing to the C64, Greg has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise with these machines, and his current projects clearly demonstrate his passion for the “breadbin” is as strong as ever.

Foremost among Greg’s projects is C64 OS, an ambitious undertaking to design, create, and implement a new operating system for the Commodore 64.

While alternative operating systems already exist for the C64, Greg believes that his design for a new OS will provide the user with a product that not only works within the limitations of the C64 hardware, but also enhances features and functionality, thus improving the user’s productivity as a result.

Greg’s ambitions for C64 OS include a fast, fluid UI with a mouse/keyboard-driven event model, better support for TCP/IP networking, and compatibility for modern hardware expansion cards and storage devices.

In addition to working on C64 OS, Greg has also been working extensively on his C64 Luggable (C64 Lug) project.

Reminiscent of a wheeled travel luggage, and of similar proportions, the C64 Luggable unit is designed to provide a self-contained unit comprising a fully-functioning C64, full-size LCD display, and stereo speakers.

More than a mere hobbyist project, the ‘Lug is quite the feat of engineering, boasting custom-built housing and power delivery system. The technical specifications and build process for the unit have been documented in extensive detail over on the C64 OS website and is certain to be of great interest to electronics and C64 enthusiasts alike.

And if that wasn’t enough, Greg has produced an extremely comprehensive C64 buyers guide section, containing reviews and useful information concerning a multitude of different expansion cards, upgrades and add-ons for your C64 unit – we definitely recommend that you check out his in-depth review of the 1541 Ultimate II+ cartridge.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with Greg’s latest endeavours, then be sure to add to your list of bookmarks, and you can get the very latest updates regarding OS development, the C64 Lug, and all of Greg’s other projects over on Twitter.

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