Community Showcase: Lorfarius and the AMIGArama Podcast

In community showcase we highlight the many projects, contributions and endeavours made by other members of the vintage computing and retro gaming community.

In this edition we turn the spotlight on AMIGArama, a UK-based podcast dedicated to the Commodore Amiga, a machine which first launched in 1985 and was years ahead of the competition in terms of graphics and audio capabilities.

Behind the microphone and host of the show is Lorfarius (Keith Lutener) – a stalwart fan of the Amiga ever since he bought an A1200 back in the early 90’s. His passion for Commodore’s groundbreaking machine inspired him to launch AMIGArama, a weekly show aiming to cover the platform’s entire gaming catalogue; with several thousand games in existence, this might be quite a challenge!

Now approaching it’s first anniversary, the show has covered some of the most iconic Amiga titles since it’s inaugural episode in October 2017, including such hits as The Chaos Engine, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, and many more.

The show’s format covers the latest developments regarding developments in the Amiga world, before moving on to the main segment: the game of the week. The listener is treated to a deep-dive analysis on the game, including back-story, development history, key gameplay structure, plus discussion of positive or negative aspects.

Certainly one of the highlights to date is an in-depth interview with Simon Phipps, developer and artist for famed ‘BritSoft’ development studios Gremlin Graphics and Core Design; Simon discusses the creation of Rick Dangerous, Switchblade, plus many fascinating insights into working in the games industry during late 80’s and early 90’s.

This is certainly one of our favourite episodes, and Lorfarius hopes to line up further interviews for future episodes.

The show is available directly from official website, or via major podcast platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, and even YouTube, which now includes gameplay footage to compliment the discussion!

Fans of the show can keep up to date with the latest developments on TwitterFacebook, and there’s even a Patreon available, the proceeds of which help towards covering hosting costs.

So, if you’re a fan of the Amiga and it’s many games, be sure to check out the AMIGArama podcast – it really is a great listen.

Author: Alec
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