Jump! – an impressive Yoomp! conversion headed to Amiga

Released back in 2007, Yoomp! wowed 8-bit Atari fans with its psychedelic gameplay, flashy pseudo-3D visuals and catchy music.

Taking inspiration from Shaun Southern’s Trailblazer and stuffing it inside a tube, the combination of funky beats and addictive gameplay made it a genuine showcase for the XL/XE range, and its lasting popularity would even earn itself a conversion – reviewed by our own Louie Dimovski – to the veritable Commodore 64.

Well, it would now seem that Yoomp! is destined to find a new lease of life on the Commodore Amiga, thanks to the efforts of one Marek “Kefir” Duda.

Marek is currently hard at work on Jump!, his own tribute the game, and it’s looking very interesting indeed.

While the game promises to retain the same core gameplay as its forbear, Jump! will take advantage of the Amiga’s expanded hardware capabilities, with new mechanics and features added to the mix.

Rather than simply copying level designs from the original, Jump! is set to include some new-yet-equally-twisted tunnels to drive players crazy, and there are plans afoot to release a level editor, allowing players to create – possibly even export – creations of their own.

According to Marek, the current prototype runs at 25 FPS with a palette of 256 colours, and the screenshots floating around the web suggest that this version has adopted a form of texture-mapped 3D for this particular version. The visuals certainly look impressive based on screenshots posted over on the ppa.pl forums, and the use of the iconic Amiga “Boing Ball” is a great addition!

The upgrade in CPU and video horsepower has afforded the developer an uplift in the draw distance, increasing the number of tiles visible from 4 to 10, as well as using what appears to be a much more solid and convincing 3D effect than its 8-bit counterparts.

In terms of hardware requirements, Jump! is currently an AGA-only game, requiring a minimum of an A1200 with 4 MB fast RAM, although we’d expect it to work on more capable machines as well.

Jump! currently has no fixed release data as yet (or whether it will be a free or commercial release), but discussions on the EAB forums suggest that Kefir is looking tentatively at a Q1 2020 release – fingers crossed!

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