Rocket Rescue, a 2012 game for the Atari XL/XE gets an update

After eight years, Jan Johnsen (Norway) gives us some nice new features of his game Rocket Rescue for the Ataru XL/XE.

Rocket Rescue is one of those mixed bags of different games that worked very well. The game uses elements of shoot’em up games, Lunar Lander and Choplifter. Your objective is to rescue astronauts and to accomplish that you have to travel through space avoiding asteroids and destroying enemies. When you get to your destination, you need to carefully land your spaceship, while paying attention to the fuel and the inertial acceleration. When you finally get to the point where the astronauts are, you have to make your way back, after they board the ship.

For this update, Johnsen has updated the title screen, reduced the size of the ship, changed the extra life and score system, cleaned up some of the caves layouts and some start flickering effects. The sound effects and the colours were also changed and the enemy’s ships movements were also improved.

The game plays really well and the variety of game types makes it fresh and challenging. The use of cut-scenes is also very smart and well done.

Written in Turbo BASIC XL using graphics mode 7, the game is available for free following the link below.

Source: Atariteca
Link: Download Rocket Rescue

Author: Paulo Garcia

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