MSXDev’20 – A Ten-year-old girl’s game is among the last ones submitted for the compo, totalling 21 games!

July 31st was the last day for MSX developers to submit their games to the MSXDev’20 game competition. Since our previous post about the compo, another five games made their way in and are now running for the best MSX game 2020.

With many good games running, our attention fell on the last submission, Bloody Mary, a game developed by Tábata “Lady DarkBite” Angelo, a 10-year-old Brazilian girl. The game is the result of her learning MSX-BASIC, taught by her father, Danilo Angelo, and old MSX enthusiast. It is nice to see the younger generations having contact to these old machines. Well done!

Here are the last five contestants. Make sure you follow the link at the end of the article and play them all!

16 – Pacific

Pacific is a fast-paced shoot’em up where you control a plane flying over the pacific to fight and destroy the enemy aircraft that can come in any direction and at a high speed. You can shoot three bullets at a time, but that won’t make the game that easy, if that you what you think!

17 – Anchors Aweigh

This is a well-made game on the classic tabletop “Battleship”. It includes soundtrack, competent interface, and built-in instructions.

18 – Freedom Fighter

Another shoot’em up, very professionally made, from the intro screen to the graphics, sound, and gameplay. For sure a strong contender!

19 – Chambers of Thyrea

Chambers of Thyrea is a fine puzzle game where your challenge is to leave the mazes, pushing the stones to open paths, avoiding mines and using keys to open doors. Once you grab all diamonds, you can enter the exit to continue.

20 – Find it!

Find It! is a puzzle game based on a Colecovision game called “Where is it made”. The objective is to find a certain pattern of colour tiles on the board. An easy way to spend hours in front of the MSX for sure!

21 – Bloody Mary 2

This is a cute game create by Tábata “Lady DarkBite” Angelo. The objective is to give as many glasses full of blood as you can to the thirsty Mary before time runs out (Is the author really 10 y/o? :) ). As she keeps changing her position you must move the glass fast enough to catch her up and give her favourite drink.

Link: MSXDev’20

Author: Paulo Garcia

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