Amstrad CPC ASCII Art Competition starts next week

Other platforms have usually a lot of visibility regarding ASCII art (or its variants like the Commodore PETSCII) but the Amstrad CPC doesn’t seem to receive the attention they deserve.

To try to fill that gap, and bring the Amstrad CPC artists to the spotlight, Martin Roscher has created the First Amstrad ASCII Compo, an online event where anyone in the World can submit their creations. The compo will start on May 28th and will run through June 30th – That gives you a month to come up with up to 10 artworks for the Amstrad CPC!

To participate, make sure to read all the rules and submit your entries in the right format and with the necessary support files.

To help you get started, Martin has created an add-on for the tool Playscii, a very versatile tool to create not only different kinds of ASCII art but also animations. The compo website also includes a full tutorial on how to use Playscii, specifically for the Amstrad CPC.


If you want to show the world what the Amstrad is capable of, head over the compo website and start creating your “pieces”!

Link: Amstrad ASCII Compo

Author: Paulo Garcia

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