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Frank Niggermann announced on the Commodore 64/128 Programming group on Facebook the availability of a neat set of tools that he, in his spare time, writes to help the development of C64 programs.

As of now, the website has the following utilities:

  • Complex 5,25″ Disk-Sleeve-Editor
  • HiRes Character Set Screen Editor
  • HiRes Character Set Editor
  • HiRes Sprite Editor
  • Multicolor Sprite Editor
  • D64 Hex-Editor

Frank adds that he is not done yet, and he plans to add more tools, including:

  • D64 Commander – This will be a commander-like tool with two D64 images side by side.
  • D64 Database – An online D64 image database where you can search for free PD programs and programs on your personal disks.
  • Multicolor Character Set Editor – A small character set editor with basic features.
  • Multicolor Character Set Screen Editor – This will be a screen editor for multicolour character sets with the same features as the HiRes Character Set Screen Editor.
  • Basic code printer – With this tool, you should be able to display basic programs from the C64 with all special characters and export them as an image and PDF.

Only with what is currently available, the website is really useful, and since all tools are browser-based, it is a breeze to work on that next C64 triple-A game on the go! Make sure to bookmark it and send Frank kudos for his effort!

Link: C64-Tools


Author: Paulo Garcia

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