The MagPI Magazine Reviews Three Retro Gaming Packages for Raspberry PI

TheMagPi 31 RetroGaming

The MagPI, now under the Raspberry PI Foundation umbrella, has just release its issue #31, and one of the featured articles is a review of three emulator packages for Raspberry PI: RetroPie, Raspicade and RiPlay.

These are the article’s verdicts for each package:

PiPlay – PiPlay offers a good collection of emulators that are easily configured to work with many games and controllers. However, there are definite issues when running some games, which are down to PiPlay.

RetroPie – A seriously powerful and configurable experience that offers the best overall experience for those who know their stuff, or don’t mind taking the time to learn.

Raspicade – Overall, Raspicade is a good retro-gaming distro, and it provides a low barrier for entry for those wanting to dip their toes into emulation for the first time.

The magazine is distribute as free PDF download, so there are no excuses to click the link below and download it to read the full article.

Link: The MagPi #38

Author: Paulo Garcia

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