C64 intros

c64_introsThe web page c64Intros have updated their intro database and they have added 50 new intros and 21 new groups. Also 75 replaced intros which needed better cleaning and crunching.

New groups added: 3lux, The Bionic Force [TBF], Buddha the Trainer God, Cannon, Comtec, Density, The Expert Group [TEG], Fart, Hamburger Software Group 2112, Inferno (NL), The Infiltrators (DK), Lightning, Maximum Cracker, Poison (1990), Promise [PRS], Promise+Zenobits, Raspacho, Sitzgruppe, Sunset, Tomorrow Soft Group [TSG], The Wild Boys Crackings [TWBC].

Website: http://intros.c64.org

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