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137511Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

Let’s end it Tonight, Battle of Ilona, Pilzwald, Dude – Got Your Dosage?, C64 Charset Minion v0.7 beta, Defender Vibes, Peace and Love, Bomb, 25 Years TRSI-Tribute, Vulcan Salute, GoatLight, Reset #06, Reset #06 Intro, Timeline, Return of Heracles +15, $777, Return of Heracles +M v0.9.1, Return of Heracles +MD, Loose Teeth – Crisp Bacon, Puppenschauspiel, New Sids on the Block, Space Cheddar, Return of Heracles ++MD+Map, K&A plus #01 [polish/english], FunkPaint 0.43a, Abyssonaut +2D [seuck], Patrick’s Love, Abyssonaut [seuck], Turtle on the Coast, 808 Love, New York Demo, Sideborder Sprite Data Fetch TestProg, The Girl under the Time, Zyflex Preview +4HF [pal/ntsc], Bimz Preview +2, Party Report from GubbData 2015, Panda Design Disk Cover, Gubbdata Auto-downvote, The Everlasting Ninja, Positive Karma, Tubbagad, Sounds of the 80s, Stereophonik [2sid], Hello Scope, The Butterfly Effect, Raise Your Beers, Requiem, Geezer Disco, Gubbagrafik, Enchanted Forest [3sid], Genesis Project Disk Cover, MSP430G2202 Greatest Hits!, Svensk melodi 2, Satchabba, Peppermint, Downtown Laholm, Disney Cryo, Auxillary Love [stereo], The Fiddler, Press Shift + Run/Stop, Moonlake, Eat it, Skelettdata, Packa Bytes, Have a seat, Vision Logo, Tamara, Spandaxel F, Happy Easter, Selfportrait Thru the Glassblocks, Scarlett Mondrian, And God Said: Let There Be Blight, Grönne, Zombie Knife Fight, So, what are you telling me?, Impala Imposter, Beetlephant, It’s winter, winter in Kleve, Bittersweet Memories, Party Maker, Hell Yeah, Northern Star, DurexForth V1.32, RACE Gamemusic, Nice Beaver, Disconnect, Paperboy [cartridge], Obsession, Montantenna, Nothing Special, Simple Fish, All The Small Things, Glada Gubbar i Datadjungeln, Euphoria, Amen, Bigbeat Brother!, Dragonslayer, Jungle Drums Intro, Bruce Lee II +, Acid @ Night, Bruce Lee II, Genesis Project “Big Swing Intro”, Rex Senex, Trance Sector Ultimate +10HD, Ultima IV Remastered, Trance Sector Ultimate, ptap V0.37, Break64 Preview [pal/ntsc], Break64 Preview +, CdoRyKalinKorobeinikiMix2ch1kB, JiffyDOS Mod for Dolphin DOS Kernal, Forgotten Memories, Waiting for the Reaper, I Like My Gameboy.

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