BASIC 10Liners 2015 Contest Final Results

Carrera 3D - First Place PUR Category
Carrera 3D – First Place PUR Category

We reported back in January the BASIC 10Liners 2015 Contest, and at that time we thought we would have plenty of time to participate, right? Wrong! The contest has ended last April 11th, and the results are already online.

In the PUR category (max. 120 characters per logical line, abbreviations are allowed) these are the top 10:

1. Carrera 3D
2. Cemetry Chase
3. Pear Picker on Ice
4. F*ck-Man              
5. Mini-Breakout       
6. Maze                    
7. Virtual Invaders 10% 
8. Bad Square Swarm   
9. Navigator               
10.Stay Alive             
11.Racer and Glider Fight

The EXTREM category, allowing max of 256 characters per logical line, had fewer entries and these are the results:

1. Broad’s Revenge
2. SlideTen
3. can MaP 
4. 3peak x 10lines and Run Little Man   
6. Bounce           
7. Micronoid        
8. Walls 10% All the games can be downloaded following the link below.

Download: Dropbox
Results: 10Liners Contest

Author: Paulo Garcia

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