Sqrxz V1.3 Amiga – New Update Released

sqrxzTo shorten the time until the Sqrxz 3 release, Retroguru presents an update of Sqrxz 1.
This is not just a minor update, but the program was recoded from scratch, based on Sqrxz 3 code (which inherited code from Solid Gold). Enjoy Jump & Run frustration at smooth 50 fps!
Minimum system requirements: Amiga, 1 MB, Kickstart 1.2. The second button on gamepad is supported for jumping, but for this kind of game we recommend a Competition Pro-like joystick.


  • Hardly any game will annoy you more! Frustration deluxe ahead!
  • Amiga’ish feeling!
  • 16 Levels including a “beginners” level
  • 18 Chiptunes
  • Classic AND new graphic mode
  • Top 10 highscore
  • Endless continue mode
  • Hidden easter egg

[youtube IygLqq1U2BU nolink]

Download: sqrxz-v.latest-amigaocs.adf
News Source: http://eab.abime.net
Official Website: http://www.sqrxz.de/sqrxz/

Enjoy Life, be kind to others.

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