Unofficial CD32 Ports Update – Big Red Adventure + Nippon Safes, Inc

TBRANS CD32 backEarok (Erik Hogan) over at Unofficial CD32 Ports has updated his lovely website with another new release, this time round it’s Big Red Adventure + Nippon Safes, Inc.

The complete adventures of international thieves Doug Nuts, Dino Fagioli and Donna Fatale on one disc. Two editions of Big Red Adventure are included – a modified one for stock CD32 owners (some backgrounds have been simplified and the music isn’t included, this ensures the whole game can be played through without crashing) and the unmodified, original version for owners of Fast RAM equipped CD32s. Both support saving to NVRam, instructions are included on the disc itself. Nippon Safes, Inc unfortunately does not save – however numerous save files are included for your convenience. The two games are fully playable on a regular joypad.

Download: TBRANSCD32 [Cobe].zip

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