Commodore 64 Game Preview – ‘Jump Ninja’

ninjaIf you hate Flappy Birds, you will also hate ‘Jump Ninja’! And that is not a bad thing because I couldn’t find a single person that didn’t hate FlappyBirds that wasn’t addicted to it :)

Jump Ninja is still a preview so you need to forgive the defects or imprecisions. Despite its ‘preview’ state, the game has excellent graphics and a very smooth animation.

The idea is an infinite scroll type of game, but instead of dodging tubes, you have to jump the platforms on the right time to keep going. If you miss one, you are dead.

There are flaws with the sprite collision system, and I miss the possibility to jump and bounce back from the side of the platform, allowing the ninja to try to get back to the previous one.

In any case, I believe the game has potential and we all should support the developer downloading the game and leaving a comment on CSDb.

Source: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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