Time of Silence 2 – Adventure sequel for the Commodore 64


We reported about the excellent game ‘Time of Silence’ few weeks ago, and now its developer has released already the sequel. Well, in reality it could be called ‘Extended Edition’. The reason of this is because the first game was made short and several ideas and storytelling were left behind due to time constraints to meet the compo deadline.

To amend this, the developer known as Claus on CSDb has decided to take the proper time and implement everything that was left behind. He states that “there was a huge backlog of great implementation ideas left, so a successor was needed to stuff all of these ideas into. Also, the story was leaving a couple of questions open, which needed to be answered. Due to the unexpectedly good resonance in the C64 community the motivation was high to keep on working and create a whole game series. Well, to be honest, I would have done that anyway, but is more fun knowing that there might actually be someone who plays it!”

Source: http://tos.acoustic-velocity.com/about/

Author: Paulo Garcia

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