Amiga Magazine 'Amigaville' issue 2 is available now – Update: New Download Link!

Amigaville2_pdfAfter reading the issue 1, I was really wishing that Brian Hedley would continue to publish the magazine. Since we are in the holiday season, my wishes were granted! He just made available the second issue!

With the usual sections for News and Reviews, the magazine also brings two featured articles: “What is in your Christmas List?” and “Where has all the fun gone?”.

The Christmas list one contains a nice overview of several products for your Amiga, from hardware upgrades to software options. “Where has all the fun gone?” starts with the bold statement “Nowadays in the current gaming climate everything has lost its sense of fun.”. The author then goes on explaining it, comparing modern games with old ones, focus on the fun-factor. Very good reading!

Brian is also accepting article submissions to be published in future issues. A review has to have up to 800 words, and features about 2300 words, always in English, and using the following file formats: DOC, ODF, RTF, and TXT.

You can download the magazine for free, following the link below.

Link: Vintage Is The New Old Download Link
Link: Amigaville #2

Author: Paulo Garcia

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