Amiga OS Kickstart and Workbench source coded leaked



Update from 01/05: Hyperion Entertainement releases official statement.

Generation Amiga has reported today a tweet from Hacker Fantastic saying that the Amiga OS source has been leaked, including both Kickstart and Workbench. Looking at the @hackerfantastic’s tweet, there is another user with the handle @TheWack0lian that offers a link to download the OS in a 130MB tar file which expands to 540MB of source code.


As far I could gather, Hyperion Entertainment, despite filing bankruptcy in January of 2015, still holds the rights to modify and distribute the Amiga OS. They even released on Dec 17th the Amiga OS 4.1 Final Edition as Digital download, in partnership with Cloanto.

Apparently the source code is really related to Amiga OS. The tar file name refers to OS 3.1 but folders from the source code refers to version 4, which could mean the source code is pretty much up to date.

The retro scene is used to have almost everything “for free” and the fact Amiga OS is one of the few examples that still need to be purchased can show different reactions from the community.

We would love to hear what you have to say about it, as we could probably see illegal versions of the OS being released in upcoming months.

Author: Paulo Garcia

19 thoughts on “Amiga OS Kickstart and Workbench source coded leaked

  1. I think if no one is doing anything with it, it should be released. Commodore has been dead, the Amiga not making any advances, release it to the people that care and watch new things happen! Thank you!

  2. Anybody in possession of this stolen source-code will face legal action and the same applies to anybody distributing or making this material available.

    CEASE AND DESIST from such actions or you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    1. How come this code is stolen? Is it reported as such to the authorities? If the code is available it could have been put online by the those who hold ownership rights. The claim of prosecution to “the full extent of the law” for theft for this code sounds American, but you seem to be Belgian. Could you state the same in a Belgium language?

  3. Dear Ben Hermans,

    I am a scofflaw, and as such I thumb my nose at you and your implications of legal action.

    Good-day to you, sir,

    – The Internet.

  4. Dear Ben Hermans, your company using stolen source code was already declared bankrupt. Why dont you just go away with your incompatible amiga clone.

    Amiga forever!

  5. Why not confirming my other post? It’s interesting to know to people what kind of hypocrite that guy is.

    1. The idea is to have opinions and thoughts shared here, not personally offending someone. This is why your previous post wasn’t approved.

  6. The amiga source code thing is so stupid. It would have been far more profitable to move to a ROOL (RISC OS Open Limited) type setup with Amiga OS 3.1 years ago. But we kinda dont even need it because we have AROS.

    Would I pay a small fee for access to the Amiga source code and the development tools? yes. Would I pay for the AmigaOS 4 hardware. No. It sucks.

    From my perspective I’m happy to pay to indulge my 68k habbit and x86 amiga software. I’m not paying for PPC stuff. It sucks. It sucked when it came out, nobody adopted it worth mentioning, and it still sucks now.

  7. Reading this thread, I don’t think Mr. Ben here is working for Commodore, or Amiga or any party thereof. He’s “actions” are to make sure Amiga stays bankrupt, and is not awakened … so he’s working for the “other side” .. wooo … spooky.

    Basically, I agree with Stevie here … I want to indulge my 68k habit … but I’d rather do it on a PPC, than an x86 … for multiple reasons. Although I’d really like to know, whose paying Freescale not to improve the 68k platform … that platform could scale just as well as any other. And with the price of x86 now, I think we need real competition … not to mention, some real good OS’s for the home.

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