Atari Game Designer – Create your own Atari 8-bit games

AtariGameDesigner_demo_1Atari is well served by different languages allowing people to create amazing games for the platform, with Action being one of the most notorious for game development. However, for a lot of gamers that have ambition to create their own retro games, learning programming language is something hard to grasp.

To fill this void, Vladimir “Popmilo” Jankovic has been developing a new tool that aim to make easier for non-programmers to create games for the Atari 8-bit line of computers.

Atari Game Designer (AGD), which has been designed based on a survey conducted by “Popmilo” on AtariAge forum, aims to let users to create Atari platform and shooter games using modern platforms.

AGD is written in Python on Linux, which makes easier to be ported to Windows and Mac. It will work in GTIA mode, with large pixels which allows the use of up to 9 separate colors anywhere on the screen. Below you can check a demo of some of the features.

[youtube yaEs8FsN-Lk nolink]

Link: Atariage
Source: Atariteca

Author: Paulo Garcia

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