TOSEC gets new update – Commodore Edition!

tosec-dc-logoTOSEC (The Old School Emulation Center) has been updated focusing on Commodore systems, with contributions to C64 by Duncan Twain and Amiga by Crashdisk, cataloguing new software and updating existent sets to fix naming errors.

For people looking forward to updates for other platforms, the TOSEC team states that other systems are being worked on, namely MSX (by VG8020), Tangerine Oric (by dvallet), Nintendo Game Boy (megaminxwin) or Amiga CD (tomse).

All folders and contents should be self-explanatory. All necessary CUEs are also included. There are also some scripts included to assist in creating TOSEC folders, and some ‘move’ scripts for those of you using RomVault.

Source: tomse from Retro Commodore

Author: Paulo Garcia

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