French Touch keeping Apple II DemoScene alive!

fond-FTCommodore 64 has so many active demoscene groups active and releasing many demos throughout the year that is hard to keep up. Apple II enthusiasts, on the other hand, haven’t been so lucky.t least in terms of quantity.

At least in terms of quantity! If we focus on quality, however, Apple II community has plenty to celebrate thanks to French Touch. The group had seven releases in 2015 and already started 2016 with a great demo, Crazy Cycles 2, which you can watch here.

[youtube 1pufxVBVUwU nolink]

Running on Apple IIe (128K) with Mockingboard sound card, this demo use switches between modes and/or pages, while music is playing!

We look forward to the upcoming releases and we hope that French Touch can inspire other Apple II coders to start releasing awesome demos as well!

Link: French Touch

Author: Paulo Garcia

2 thoughts on “French Touch keeping Apple II DemoScene alive!

  1. I’ve been doing demos for both the 8-bit and 16-bit Apple IIs. But no one seems to notice. I’m glad for French Touch, but it’s not like they are the only ones, or first.

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