Upgrade to Windows 3.1 Today!


With all the buzz about Windows 10, its awesomeness and its problems you may be thinking to change to another OS. To help you with that task comes the Internet Archive!

Today the non-profit organization has released almost a thousand Windows 3.1 programs that can run directly on your browser. The new collection includes games, utilities and business software – the jewel of the crown from the 90s!

As some of you remember, Windows 3.1 was still a graphical environment that should be started from the DOS prompt which made it possible for the Internet Archive to use the EM-DOSBOX (Javascript port of DOSBOX) to run Windows applications as well.

Following the link below you can browse the whole collection, but if you are too young to actually have used it, I suggest starting with Windows 3.1 Stock Installation.

But wait, if it runs from the browser, you still need a newer Windows version running as host! DAMN!

Link: Win3.1 Collection
Source: Internet Archive

Author: Paulo Garcia

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